The BIG ticks: Best of the best for financial advisers this week

By Tony Vidler

Best tips of the week for financial advisors

LOADS and LOADS of ideas here this time around…enough to see you through the break!

The articles that I spotted this week that make you think in new ways, or new directions….the “best of the best” for me….are provided here as a quick readers digest for profesional advisers.

These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read.

There is so much good stuff that flows past each week, much of which we share, that it is very easy to lose sight of which ones were really special.

Each week I select the best handful and give them Tony’s BIG Ticks as being thought-provoking, or providing particular insight, or for grasping a central truth.  That is the type of thinking and information which professionals need to stay at the front of the game, and improve themselves and their business performance.

You Get What You Pay For. More or Less.

15 Psychological Triggers To Convert Leads Into Customers

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013.

10 Ways To Improve Your Blogging And Social Media Workflow

Social Media for Financial Institutions

Share them around on your digital networks and with your peers please…they are too good to keep to yourself!

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Tony Vidler

Tony Vidler

Adviser to the Advice Industry, CFP, CLU, ChFC

All business is marketing, and the top priority in marketing is getting your brand right. The key element of that is your value proposition. You are the brand, and your value proposition is what your brand will be known for. I help advisers create the branding and positioning they want, so they get known and get more customers.

I've been working in the NZ financial services industry in advisory and management capacities since 1990, beginning as a tied life agent. My career has involved agency management roles; starting, growing and selling a sizeable investment and insurance brokerage of my own; business development of hundreds of advisors; professional development and the evolution of regulation in the NZ industry; executive sales and marketing management; and a leading figure in the NZ financial services industry for many years.

In addition to running my own coaching and consulting business, I've served as Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Financial Advisors, and was a Director of the Institute for 8 years. Leading the professional development of the industry as Chair of the Professional Development Committee, Chair of the College of Insurance Advisers and as a member of the Certification Committee at various times.

A regularly sought after & entertaining speaker on sales, marketing and professional development in NZ and overseas, I am also a regular writer with a large social media following.

I remain remarkably passionate about creating an advisory profession and building better businesses. I'm an innovative strategic thinker with the ability to teach people very quickly how to apply ideas in practical ways.

Fuelled by good food, great wine, laughter and the love of learning and sharing.


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