You need to understand me before you will get me as a client!

by Tony Vidler If you want to get me as a client there has to be some common understanding.  You might be great, and have all sorts of brilliant ideas and strategies that can change my life, but I am not really interested in doing business with you if you don’t have some understanding of […]

How to find your key to unlocking endless creative content ideas

by Tony Vidler How we engage with prospective customers has changed fundamentally in the last few years, and smart operators know that delivering engagement and meaningful content is critical to establishing authority, credibility and relevance for your target market. One of the major challenges is continually creating that content.  Content creation is probably the single […]

How Financial Services Can Use Twitter Effectively

GUEST POST by Megan Ritter Advisers, Banks and other financial institutions have been slow to embrace social media yet 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.   It is vital that financial services firms are marketing their content on the internet, especially on social media sites like Twitter. How can financial services effectively market […]

The BIG ticks: Best articles for financial advisers this week

Best tips of the week for financial advisors

By Tony Vidler The articles that I spotted this week that make you think in new ways, or new directions….the “best of the best” for me….are provided here as a quick readers digest for professional advisers. These are the highlights from the week that you should stop and read. There is so much good stuff […]

What Price Is My Practice?

by Tony Vidler As succession becomes a more significant issue for many owners of financial advice practices there is increasing interest in how to accurately value a firm.  The short answer to what is an accurate value will of course always be “whatever a buyer is willing to pay, and which you are willing to […]

How to make yourself scarce…and more valuable!

by Tony Vidler A well established economic AND behavioural principle is that people generally will have higher demand for that which is relatively scarce. The difficulty in professional services is often using this principle legitimately….financial products aren’t scarce…compliance requirements for business owners that require professional advice certainly aren’t scarce!  But one thing is truly limited […]

5 Lessons From The Post Mortem of a Marketing Campaign Disaster.

by Tony Vidler Somebody I was working with recently decided to promote this fabulous new business service idea, and it was a complete flop.  Not  a “poor” campaign…or even a “bad” campaign….but a disastrous one.  A good idea…well priced…very suitable for the target market. ZERO uptake. In fact, it was worse than that.  Not only […]

Tony Vidler

Tony Vidler

Adviser to the Advice Industry, CFP, CLU, ChFC

All business is marketing, and the top priority in marketing is getting your brand right. The key element of that is your value proposition.

You are the brand, and your value proposition is what your brand will be known for.

I help advisers create the branding and positioning they want, so they get known and get more customers. Named as one of the Top 250 Online Influencers in financial services globally, and in the 50 Most Influential people in financial services in Australasia...I know how to help people build a profile and get noticed for the right reasons.

I've been working in the NZ financial services industry in advisory and management capacities since 1990, beginning as a tied life agent. My career has involved agency management roles; starting, growing and selling a sizeable investment and insurance brokerage of my own; business development of hundreds of advisors; professional development and the evolution of regulation in the NZ industry; executive sales and marketing management; and a leading figure in the NZ financial services industry for many years. In addition to running my own coaching and consulting business, I've served as Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Financial Advisors, and was a Director of the Institute for 8 years. Leading the professional development of the industry as Chair of the Professional Development Committee, Chair of the College of Insurance Advisers and as a member of the Certification Committee at various times. A regularly sought after & entertaining speaker on sales, marketing and professional development in NZ and overseas, I am also a regular writer with a large social media following. I remain remarkably passionate about creating an advisory profession and building better businesses. I'm an innovative strategic thinker with the ability to teach people very quickly how to apply ideas in practical ways.

Fuelled by good food, great wine, laughter and the love of learning and sharing.


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